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can you use nicehash on hiveos

Can you use NiceHash on HiveOS?

The simple answer is: Yes, you can use Nicehash on HiveOS. Now learn how to do it.

If you’ve got used to NiceHash but are fed up with Windows or perhaps you like the idea of getting paid in Bitcoin rather than altcoins?
In this article we will answer your questions and also show you how to get the Nicehash setup on HiveOS.


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Creating a HiveOS account

Register at (use code “49eb” during registration for a free deposit of USD 10 – affiliate link)

  1. Create Farm
Adding new Farm
HiveOS create new farm

2. Create a Worker

HiveOS add worker

Connecting HiveOS to NiceHash

In order for the mining software to work you will need to provide it with your Nicehash wallet address.

Go back to your newly created farm

Click on the “Plus” icon and this time select Add Wallet

Select any of the NiceHash option in the Coin input field. It will work with any algorithm

Paste your NiceHash Bitcoin Wallet address into the Address field, found on the NiceHash mining dashboard.

Name your Wallet

Select Global Wallet

Click Create

New wallet

Creating a Flight sheet for NiceHash on HiveOS

  1. In your farm click on Fight sheets. You will be welcomed with an option to “Add New Flight Sheet”
  2. In your Coin field select the algorithm you are going to mine eg. NiceHash-Ethash, NiceHash-KowPow
  3. In your Wallet field select your newly created wallet
  4. In the Pool field select nicehash. A popup will show to ask about your server. Select 2 closets to you, eg. USA, Europe.
  5. In the Miner field select a mining software of your choice. Please do your own research and pick the one that works best for you. eg. GMiner
  6. In the Name field enter a name of the flight sheet
  7. Click on Create Flight Sheet
nicehash flightsheet in hiveos

Applying Flight Sheet to your rig

So that now you have your Farm, Rig, Wallet and Flight Sheet your are ready to get started

  1. Go to your Worker and select your newly created worker
  2. Click on the Flight Sheets tab
  3. Click on the rocket icon in the top bar
  4. Select the previously created Flight Sheet and click Apply.

Nicehash Profit Switching on HiveOS

It is currently not possible to have an automatic profit switching for NiceHash on HiveOS. You would have to create additional Flight Sheets and manually change them depending on the profitability. If you are looking for an an automated solution but don’t want to run NiceHash on Windows then you can try NHOS. There is also another solution for more advanced users GitHub (not tested by me).


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